Hewwo evewypony. 

This week I took a righteous nap, one of the best I’ve ever had. No, seriously, that nap was super radical. MMMMMthatwasagoodnap.

Anyways, BTS came out with 2 new teasers as of rn, and I am upset. THEY ARE SO DISRESPECTFULL, OOOMMMOOOOO!!!

Why do they do this to me… here is the link to the first teaser. ⇓↓↓↓⇓

I am personally insulted, they look so beautiful and the changed their hair aNDAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!


That’s all I have to say for now, Bye-Bye~!♥

I Can Draw Again!!!!!


Yesterday I got my new drawing pad so I can finally draw on my computer again! I’m so happy! Rn I’m drawing Wednesday Addams!

Anyway, so today I drew on my computer, I listened to music, aaannnnnd that’s it.

So sorry this ones so short!!


BTS Won An Award!!


So I’m so happy that BTS won an award at the bbmas!!! AHhh I’m sO HAPPY!!! @simoneboss can confirm it was amazing!!! Here’s a link!!! —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oRwL1gVhCc

I’m just so happy for them!! I was screaming!

If you don’t know who BTS is, then you are missing out bro! BTS is a South Korean pop group made of 7 boys in their early twenties. Their videos are inspirational and unique in so many ways, their music is just so satisfying to the ear, and their voices are so beautiful!! Check out their youtube channel right here! —> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLkAepWjdylmXSltofFvsYQ

Anyways, that’s all for today.


Sims 4 gallery houses.


So a lot of this week was me playing sims 4, and it’s still very addicting!!

But I must recommend to not do something!

Never just buy a house in the sims 4 gallery because it looks good! (The houses that other sims 4 players make  and upload.) Actually think about which rooms you want to have and/or furnish, because I made the mistake of getting a small pretty cute house unfurnished and It’s actually really baaaaddd…

I mean it is good looking! But boy is it difficult to furnish considering how it’s built…..

Uhh, ye that’s all for now, enjoy sims 4!




So today I went to check in and change up, I hung out with people, and blogged!

Later I’m going to Gus’s house which is going to be interesting, because it haven’t been at someone else’s house, let alone with multiple other people. So, that should be at least an interesing experience. 

Also here’s a picture of a corndog to end this blog.


The Sims 4.


Ahhh, I’ve just been so obsessed with Sims 4 lately!! It’s so good, m8! I really like it, so you should get it too. #NotSponsored.

Uhhhh, yeeeaahhhhhh all I’ve been doing is playing Sims 4.






It’s become an addiction.


I’m honestly scared of the conversations between Max, Luca and Gus.


I’m ShOoK.

Yeeeeaahhh,,,,,, ssosorrry tthiiss bloogg wass sorht.

Cry-typing is great.



Where are my jams? My search continues…..*searches for lost jams*


“I Got No Jams.” By Toby/Ash/Elliott, aka Jimin.

I’ve lost my jams, have you seen my jams?

I wish to see my jams once more…..

Please, for a dollar a day, you can take me from searching for my jams with a bike, to searching for my jams with a tank and a jams searching satellite.

I need my jams, Rap Mon keeps saying that I have no jams.

I’ve lost my jams, please help me find them!


Also @simoneboss stole my hat. >>>>>:::::(((((

So today I drew on my sleek new computer, I L.T.M.ed, and I played Overwatch!

That’s it, sorry I gtg!