When I Open My Mouth a Swarm of Bees Come Out Please Help.

Hello internet.

Today, the bees came again. The awful, awful bees. Whenever I open my mouth, no matter what, a swarm of bees fly out of it. I don’t have bees in my mouth, I never feel them when my mouth is closed. It’s as if a portal leading to a beehive appears when I open my mouth. I can’t talk to anyone, because when I open my mouth the bees come out and cause chaos. They just don’t stop, the longer I keep my mouth open the more bees come out. I never have a chance to even utter a word without my words being drowned out by the buzzing.

Last month, I opened my mouth in my favorite diner, and the bees came out and flew into the waitress’s face. I was later banned from the diner. I wish I could go back, but if they see me on the same block as the diner they chase me away with a broom. I can’t even scream, because, you know, The Bees.

Just this week, I visited my friend Debra, because I haven’t seen her since the bees hospitalized her wife. (Her wife was allergic.) When she opened the door for me, her face became pale and she quickly shut the door. I don’t understand why, was it something I didn’t say?

I’ve went to hospitals about the bees, but every time I try to tell them what’s wrong…well…bees. So I’ve been banned from many hospitals as well. I can’t even say hi to the doctors as I pass them on the street without them running away. Were they running away from me, or the swarm of bees chasing them? I don’t know.

I write this so anyone who has a similar problem, or a solution could help me. Maybe send me to a entomologist or a bee keeper that won’t run away.

-Signed, Bea. (Or B for short.)


Hello all.

This week I recently bought Stardew Valley, and I’ve been playing it lots since. It’s such a nice and cute game, the soundtrack and the art is so beautiful. It can get a bit boring since there are days where idk what to do, but overall I enjoy it lots.

Today I played Stardew Valley and tried to take a nap, but people were loud so idk if I got much sleep. I tend to be tired a lot, I don’t know why. I get around 8-6 hours of sleep, and sometimes I nap in the day. Maybe I should take something for it. Also the visitor kid this week, and she was pretty cool. She says she’s into kpop though, hopefully she isn’t a no jams army or whatever.

That’s all, bye bye.♥


Hello all.

Today I played some minecraft with @douglasawesome and @timotree. It was fun, but Timo almost died lmaooooo.

I also got to play Slime Rancher! It was pretty fun, the slimes are so cute. However they can be kinda annoying when they eat random stuff that I’m trying to collect. (I’m looking at you, pink slime that ate the rooster I was gonna take home.) It seems the game didn’t age well, since some of the 3D models and graphics look a bit old and out-dated. But I still enjoy the game! Thanks @pigsfly for letting me play it.

That’s all, bye bye.♥

We out here destroying our bodies with Monster.

Hello all.

This week was okay? I started dance class so that’s oof, because I’m not really good at dancing so I suck really bad. I love dancing, I just hate learning it since I’m a beginner at best. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get good at it over the semester.

I’ve been drinking Monster recently, so that’s cool. I don’t think it tastes that bad. Gotta get into the scenekid/grunge thing, ya know? I really enjoy soda in general. They taste so good, like fruity but fizzy. I hate seltzer water though, it’s just angry painful water. I don’t get why adults like seltzer water, it’s not good. Water is fine, fizzy juice and soda is fine, but not fizzy water.

This is an anti seltzer water blog, dni if you’re a seltzer addict.

Anyway, that’s all. Bye bye.♥

Beep beep lettuce.

Hello all.

It’s the 3rd day of school, and I already miss summer. I guess summer was uneventful, but I wouldn’t call it boring. People who call their summers boring usually don’t appreciate solitude and time for yourself, so I tend not to say my summer was boring. It was okay. How was your summer? Care to comment? If it was boring, well maybe that isn’t everybody else’s fault. Maybe you could have done things. Maybe you couldn’t. I’m not you, I don’t have your memories. What, I’m not a mind reader….

Hey, meat? Meat??? Mematmeatt/?? Memma..t//?/agrt??? M̷̟͙̪̯̞̘̤̯͕̟͒̆͆́͋̽̓̒̈́̿ȩ̶̣̞̗̓ea̴͌͠ͅt̸̖̗̯̭̙̭̜̝̭̲͊͑̂͗̓͐̈́̿̊͝?̶̧͚̪͓͈͎͐̇̀̎͆̀ͅ?̸̙͔̜̙̓͗̔̄͊͘?̵̛͇̯͖̬͕̏̓͊̈̕͜͝

I recently just finished Aggretsuko, it was really good. The anime about a office worker who secretly loves heavy metal and it’s very amazing. It can be found on netflix, and most likely crunchyroll too. I hope you can enjoy it, I sure did. I love the heavy metal aesthetic and death metal music, the screams and the guitar that gives you a feeling of electricity and wrath is awesome. I wish more people could enjoy that type of music.

That’s all, bye bye.♥


Hello all.

Today I did Japanese with the usual crew, and it was pretty fun! Though since there were 7 people playing the game Yasushi-sensei had, we had to end it early because it was almost 12pm.

There was also a culture committee today, involving luca and james. It was the same as usual, james griefed luca and it also broke a school rule. I was really tired of seeing the same culture committee about the same topic that’s been going on for months. We got both of them to get off the troll white list so they wouldn’t troll or be trolled anymore, which should help. But if a culture committee happens again, I’ll say that a suspension or a similar consequence should happen.

That’s all, bye bye!♥


Hello all.

Today I did Japanese class again, and we ate soba and somen! Yasushi-sensei said that they were for the summer because they’re eaten when cold, and that ramen was for the winter because ramen is hot! (Though you can eat them anytime tbh.) It was pretty fun!

I’m currently listening to a heavy metal band called Passenger Of Sh*t and I really like the music! It’s pretty 18+ so I don’t recommend small children listening to it lol….But yeah, I really enjoy the music and I hope you do too!

Bye bye!♥

Pop Team Epic

Hello all.

Today I did Japanese with Yasushi-sensei all by myself, it was pretty cool! We watched the anime Pop Team Epic and it was fun! The show is actually very funny and it was cool to see someone older than me from japan enjoy it.

Lately I’ve been playing more minecraft with my friends, and it’s pretty fun! Though sometimes I’m afraid to admit it because it’ll seem “cringy”. I don’t really appreciate cringe culture, saying something is cringy when it’s not hurting anyone and it’s just kids enjoying things.  Cringe culture is dead, from now on we let people enjoy things (unless they’re toxic) without calling them cringy.

That’s all, bye bye!♥

David Bowie Exhibit

Hello all.

So yesterday I went to the David Bowie exhibit,, and it was amazing! He’s a music genius, and a cool person overall. He experimented with what sexuality, and androgyny meant as a whole. He dazzled the crowd with his outfits, and amazed the world with his music. Overall 9/10, would go see. Only things I didn’t like were that my feet hurt a lot afterwards, and that I can’t remember the amazing songs by him I wanted to look up.

Today I did Japanese, and it was pretty fun! But after a few rounds of the games Yasushi-sensei brought, I got pretty tired. I tend to be tired a lot lmao.

That’s all, bye-bye~!♥


Hello all.

Today I did Japanese! Remember when I was the only 1 who went to Japanese and played a board game? Well, we played that board game again, and I wasn’t the only 1 with Yasushi-sensei! It was fun, and most of the game I was behind. (Though I got 3rd place out of all the 5 players heheheheh.)

Alright, let’s talk about the weather. (Lol.)

It’s been getting hotter and hotter recently, and I don’t like it 1 bit. I personally like cold weather, where all/most of the bugs are dead and I can bundle up in the cold as much as I want~! (I really love the feeling of being in lots of blankets in bed when it’s cold.) But in the summer, I can’t take off layers of my skin to feel cooler!!! I just have to live with my sweaty melting body, all gross and overheated. I don’t get why people love the summer and hot weather so much, my ideal weather is in between 40-60° fahrenheit and raining. (At least most of the time.) I’m fine with it being colder though. But hot?? No thanks!!! Hhhh,, wish it was fall already..

That’s all, bye-bye!♥