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:3 ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!

Guess what! I plan to host an anime group! YAAAAAAAAAY! please join my group soon! anime girl yo! did ya know my group is gonna be made for posting 9-year-old and up appropriate anime videos and pictures and comment child-appropriate not-all-that-negative stuff! see ya soon! Hopefully in my soon-to-be-made group! ;3

week 2 of agile-learning-center YO!

cool things i did this week!

1. STILL making an inn in minecraft, so far i need to finish the second floor

2. i played “GO”! it was really fun, i beat Peter better than when he beat me! HA HA! >=D

3. i played “Zombie Munchkins”! i won! >=D

4. i played .M.M.  and .T.P. , i was the .D.M. ! and i don’t feel like explaining it! fine! mm is midevil! and tp is time play! OK?! HAPPY NOW?!? >=(

5. ware-wolfs! you have to play with at least 8 people, and it’s the ware-wolfs against the (more or less) humans. it’s a card game.

by Askani 9/19/2014

some of what i did this week. LOL <3

1.  play a game w/ Douglas’s help.

2.  play “monster tag”

3. coordinate group hide-and-seek game

4. go to central park

5. play mafia

6. read “Ancient Rome” by R. Hanel

7. play “minnows minnows”

8. central park

9. play “Battle ship”

10.  Eat lunch

11. Escher book


13. committee meeting

14 frolick

and did you know that part of this week some of the cloud house people were here!?



I’m  REALLY smart! Did you know that?  Did you know that when you search for the truth, you will not always find youth? (giggle) Did you know that you should respect others?  Speak your mind! But only if the words that you speak are not  insulting. =) make the right choices! Do what you think is right! Whatever you do, DO NOT BE RACIST!!! >=(  DREAM BIG! Take over the world if you want, but be a nice dictator! =)

Love TheWitchQueen