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Week 9 or something… oh well…

Today is friday as usual! And today i watched “Nightmare Before Christmas”!!! And i got a new imgur acount!—> http://imgur.com/ and it’s sooooo simple to get an acount! But if you don’t know how to get an acount, ask @jacobcb or look it up! This is what i am doing—>(head noding because  of good music) And i carved a (Medium siezed) pumpkin! It had an angry face because it had a knife sticking out of it’s head… But i couldn’t bring the knife home in it’s head because it was the church’s knife! (sad face) =( (it was a good knife too!!) I miss Tainna, i miss her SOOOOOOOOOOO much!Poor poor poor poor poor poor poor Taina. =O <— the face is saying “waaaaaaa!!!” because the face misses Taina.

Week 7 or 8… Abby did’t keep trak. it’s friday!

Today is friday, the day i’m writing this is today… MUA-HA-HA!

Today i… i don’t want too talk about that, so i’ll talk about something ELSE i did today! I did somethin’ with somethin’ and i made a leaf colashch! The leafs are pruserved in some sort of wax so they can’t wither away and die! I watched @pinkpanda aka taina play scary games (That are not so scary)… =P I’m SOOOOOOO Awesome! I painted a bunch-o-flowers at “The Conservatory Garden” with water paint with Alex aka Douglas’s mom. Done!

Love, yours truly, TheWitchQueen908                                                                                                 PEACE OUT!



Some thims that happened this week… ya know?

This weeks monday after all the usual meetings, i did drip paint. you will never know how fun that was for me! In the beginning, i,was a blue cat. male to be specific, and i could stand on my hind legs! at first i was doing equations, then germans bombed the place! @abbyo was there, at the drip paint. so was @pinkpanda! and @ninablanco!

This weeks tuesday, i played GO! I thought i would beat peter and i was right! i beat him prob’ly over six points… who cares?  at least i WON!

This weeks wensday, I did soccer club with @ryanshollenberger. there were home-school kids… @timotree came to! it was EXHAUSTING!!! but fun! kinda…