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Month: November 2014

HIA! recomended!!!—> www.YOUTUBE.com

Another week gone….. (SIGH)…..


Today i watched some MORE dumb videos w/@likeaboss, heh heh… i…um… what did i do? oo! I know! i drank water as planned, i played “GO” w/Peter! it was fun! I lost though… But it was still fun! I wrestled/pillow-foght/Horsy-played/pertended-that-javare-was-a-chair played/Attacked-javare w/Veronica! (Veronica is peter’s young daughter) THE END!

Or is it? HE HE HE…..





Hey, guys!

Today i minecraft! and i minecraft like a nooby boss! i went on #NOCHEATS¬† and i met Milo and Jesse! of course i know them before i met them on #NOCHEATS, but it was still cool even though we didn’t do anything REAL cool… today i also played Warewolfs w/Milo, .M.M. w/ Thanos and Douglas, and best for last… I attacked Jacob!