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Da wast day til’ winta bweak!

HEARYE! HEARYE! Tis last day of school til be winta bweak! ye who stay longer will be banished! HA-HA-HA! “HO-HO-HO!” i should say! tis almost Christmas! but “my presents will might be late ’cause my Christmas list was late” my mommy says, and to that i give a frowny face! =( but my mommy says: “Santa has modernized”! oh well. =C But fear not! she said “might”!!! and tis near Christmas! i should be happy! and so i will!


Hey Guys!

Time ta blog!

I used the hot pen again, comlained about too many shoes, tryed to talk to Ryan and succeeded! i did acro-balance, made a movie on abby’s com-BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA-puter and-BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA-.M.M. w/ @failspy and @jacobcb !!! Go check ’em out! AAAAnd i watched “The Hobbit 3”!!!  i went to the park, i climbed a giant rock there! and i gave an interview to some guys tha’ were makin’ a mover thingie, and i played “CITADELS”!!! it’s a great game of role playin’ and fun!-BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA! Byeeeeeeeeeeee!


An EXTREMLY Hobbit Like Adventure!

Hey guys!

I watched “The Hobbit 3”!!! Finally!!!1! And guess what? SPOILER ALERT! It was like “GOOOOOOOOLD!!!” and i was like “No waaay!” and an Orc was like “DIEEEEEEEEE!” and “ARGBLESH! ANN IB DA!” and the dwarf was like “ARGH! THAT HURT!” and “Die you filthy Orc!”! any way, it was AMAZING! and i don’t think they actually said all that in the movie, so…. anyway, go see the movie for your self ya filthy blog reader! Byeeeeeee!

bloagin’ time!


Times to BLOG! yo! This week i ate  a pamogranit, tricked them clueless fools by sellin’ them punches, insults, fortune, and dem kicks! played ware-wolfs, played GO! .M.M.ed w/Lyla and some o’ them clueless fools alot, watched a bit of “One flew over the cucoo’s nest”, wiki trails… Aaaaaaannnd… watched a crash course, i played legos… in legos i made a small little restrant with ma little bed room were NO one can possobly get into! …most likly. i played “BANG!” w/ @abram and some clueless fools, i guess the outlaws always win-’cause first  was an outlaw and i won! but when i was the shareiff the outlaws won. i also did acro balance! we made a piramid with our own bodys!


HIA! It’s my birthday! Read the blog for more info!

Hey guys!

I jus’ wanna say….. CHUCK AND VINCENE ARE HERE!!!1! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! they’re SUPER DUPER AWESOMMME! ask @abbyo about them!

Ok, (Breathing in and out) back to blog.

Today selobrated my Birthday that’s tomaro by giving out CHACKOLATE CHIP  COOOOOKIEEEEEES!!! My favorite! Om nom nom! Be my friend on this website! Totally do it if your a girl! I’m Awesome! Um…..Uh…..LUCA BE QUITE! LUCA! Quit the jumping! It makes you sound weird! sorry ’bout that, Luca is pretty loud…..RYAN! GO AWAY! I’M BLOGING! heh heh heh….. =| }=P (sigh) ANYWAY….. i also watched videos on YOUTUBE.com I played go aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd….. Iiiiiiiiiii….. heard what “The Reading Circle” is! I’m done. good byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!