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Hey guys!

if your seeing this you must have hacked the best blog ever, downloaded this file and programed a virus! well done! now for the part where i tell you that you fools did all that hard work for just a dumb ol’ blog! MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! >=D unless that’s what you came here for… oh well! thanks for wanting to read it!

today i made cupcakes!!!!!1! they seem SO delish! and ya can’t have em’! HHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!1! >=D unless you don’t want them… oh well! i also played mm! it was fun and if you want to know about the story we played ask @lillaw and if you want to know what mm is then ask @abbyo! and i watched videos on YOUTUBE with @likeaboss and if you want to know what we watched ask him! and @lillaw, @likeaboss, and @abbyo? if your reading this then remind me to comment on YOUR blog! HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!1!!! >=D BYEEEEEEE!

ME IS AWESOME!!! and other fun stuff!

HEY guys!!!


today i played mm w/ @ryanshollenberger !!! and played this SUPER fun game in the gym made by @likeaboss and played it w/ @likeaboss @ryanshollenberger and @kingthanos !!! this week i acro-balanced! it was SO FUHN!!! <— typob <—- typo! i pretended to be a weeping angel! until i got hert by someone named-(SHHHHHHSHSSSSSSSSHSHSHSH) AAAA! WE’RE LOSING CONNECTION! (SHSHHHSSHHSHSSSHSHSSHHSS)

anyway… i made a snowy place in minecraft and stuff! and if ya wanna know more, ask me with the option “secret messages”! BYE BYE!

da beast blog evers! =3 HA HA! i just said beast! ’cause this blog is the beast!


this blog is gonna be the beast! (beast = beast+ best)

THIS WEEK, i tried ta CRACK the code boxy w/ @failspy ! i did stuff! colored with ryan! dmed an mm game w/ @abbyo ! it was fun! abby now has another life in her dreams! i played .m.m. but i don’t remember what happend or who i played with….. played with cards, started a collabora-doodle to the sterlings which are @tommie , @aquamanitee and @thetypicaldonger ! but i don’t knoow about stevie… =( i played happy wheels which is a really fun game but a REALLY bloody one too! i played both kalidescope 1 and 2, hopefully some day kalidescope 3!!!!!1! acro-balance with yoni! played with Zairith which he is my laptop! dmed an .m.m. w/ @lyla ! she’s a mushroom troll! watched youtube today and yesterday!

ps. hey guys! um… you may think all that was not “THE BEAST!!!” but i still think it was worth reading! >=O BYE BYE!!! =3

Yo my friends and frienemies!

Hey guys!

what’s up?…ok!

anything new?…ok!

are you sick or hert?…ok!

well than, time to BLOG!

today…(happy because of awesome music  =] ) i pklyed gko 7 cdf84 3 bvcfr (had face on keybourd on purpose!) …i played go! i lost though… 27 to 40something and i was the 27! =( … AAANNND i went sleding! and i had a snowball fight and made a snow castle! oooooooaaaaaah! i want to do other things! murrrroooaaoaaahhh! *sip* OOOOOOAAAAAHHH! *sip* MMMmmmm… hot chocolate… =) visit other blogs i make next time! BYEEEEEE!