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awkwardness, Adin leaving and more!!! ;3

hey guys! wasup?

um. . .  *blushing* today at clean up, i shall not tell who!(for good reasons) said “you know what?” as if s/he (oh who am i kidding?! it’s a he!) was going to confess something! that my ideas of what it is i shall keep to my self! this is a public blog after all! but then he was blabbing about what i knew he was probably going to say like “cony island (bla bla bla)”  and i said i wasn’t going and i could text him. but. . . i still have my theory’s of what he might have said instead that i dream about. . . *sigh* oh well. it will never happen. =(

oh yeah and Adin’s leaving me! it’s not fair! >=O

oh yeaaaah! and today i did cooking! it was fun! thai crispy chicken and once it was clean up time they were all gone and they were good!

i played town of salem w/ @douglasawesome and he was being a meanie! and i was watching youtube and you should ask me questions!

YO! @jacobcb is a NOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!

YO! what up?

oh! so ya don’t like ma new intwo?

you : what?-no! i didn’t say-

OH YEAH?! OOH YEAH?!?! ok!

you : what the heck?!

he he he. . . >=)

woooow! it’s snowin’ out! i can only imagine how fun it would be to hit you with a snow ball. . . or how cold it would be out there. . . =D

okay so today i wrestled @likeaboss and @agilealfie a bit and i. . . *thinking* . . . watched a movie called “LABYRINTH“! it was cool! what else did i do. . .? oh! and i watched videos! i think that’s all! but if YOU don’t think that’s it then comment down below! BYE!


hey guys!

did’gya notice my profile  picture?  )=D  well i got it off  of Google images and it’s from a show called “BLUE EXORCIST” and it’s rated TV-14! and i LOVED it! it was so cool! and it’s on Netflix! isn’t  that great? it’s Anime too! so all those monster loving  anime lovers can watch it all they want!

anyway. . .  Today i cooked with Nancy we made Lasagna and bread stuff! i made a pretzel! and it was DELICIOUS!

sorry my blog is shorter than usual  <=(  i just  didn’t feel like making it longer. . . BYE!

WELOCOME!!! I’m talkin’ to you Charley!


today i- I’M TALKIN’ TO YOU CHARLEY! today i made lava cakes and yes. they’re made out of real lava. and they were SOOOOOO good! and pretty hot ’cause they were LAVA cakes! get it?! MWAHAHHA!!! and i also watched videos on youtube! the youtuber was nnamed pewdiepie! you may not like him but I DO! SO SHUT UP! >=O atoday i also went to the eye doctor and ordered glasses! they’re SUPER COOL!

my goodness there are exactly 118 peeps on this web!!!1! you know what that means right?! it means once we make them our friends and they all come over at once then there will be SO MANY SHOES!!!!!1!

oh and here are some very good anime  shows! : blue exorcist, fairy tale,  madoka magica, hunter X hunter, full metal alchemist 2003, (not full metal alchemist brotherhood! that one isn’t as good!) and that’s all i remember today! Bye!