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Month: May 2015

“That’s a crappy blog post!” -Douglas

hey guys!

i just heard douglas say “That’s a crappy blog post!” to javair! and it was so funny! LOL! ha ha! uh. . . eh? i don no what ta say anymore. =/ it feels like my mind is empty. but at the same time my head feels full with light, useless stuff. weird. um. . . . . . .*thinking*. . . . . . ? why can’t i think of anything?! >=/  oh! well this week i went to da beach! it was fun but i barely  put on sun screen so i got a bunch of sunburns on my sholders, and the front of my thighs. and i got a lot of sand in my hair. =(  but i did read some of “The Little Prince” and it’s great! =D  i also got a bit further in “one piece”! (spoiler alert) Zoro and the others didn’t get to the girl that stole their ship while Luffy fought the evil pirate dudes and he won! Luffy got a chef to be part of his crew! YAY! bye-bye!

‘HELL’-o there! time ta blog!

hey guys! (and ladies/girls/bad-ass-tomboys/geek-ets)

ya-know what’s weird? that the word “hello” is so friendly, and nice and warm but. . . . .it has the word “hell” in it. i’ll show you. “hello there!” see? it’s weird.

oh! and @douglasawesome made a spawn point called. . .*giggle* “THE DARK–“ *giggle* “–PUMPKIN ORDER” HA HA HA! yeah i would like to ‘oder’ the ‘dark pumpkin’! *giggle* sorry *giggle* XD okay i’m done giggling. (:V) <—(pack man face) and I’ve been playin’ on dis Minecraft world and we call it “the arrow server” ’cause it belongs to aero. it’s pretty fun! i hope they never take it down! there’s this movie i watched at Washington DC when we went to NASA and it’s called “August Rush” and it’s rilly cool! and yes. i know how to spell “really”.