Hello there!

welcome to my DOMAIN OF SORTS!!! DUN DUN DUUUUN! >=D lol have ya ever heard o’ doodle god? well,  doodle devil is much better! alright so today i did cook noob and made brunch for @tomis, @abbyo, and @ryanshollenberger. and i, like, TOTALLY didn’t eat any of it. and then, 1 minute later we eat cookie cake. but i was too full ’cause i (didn’t) ate some of the brunch with my lunch and i didn’t feel good but i ate the cookie cake any way did you know __________ was _______ and ______ but they _________ (the rest of the page looked as if it was smudged off) *you pull out other page* any way i also sang happy birthday to @lillaw yeah that’s all i’ll say bye-bye

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