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=P (look sideways)

hey guys!

yesterday i went to the uncommons with @ryanshollenberger @douglasawesome @failspy @serenagermany @timotree @creeperclaws and @somethingsomthingiforgethisusername well, there i played “the resistance” i played another version of “the resistance, i played connect 4, i played uh. . . i think that’s it. today i did some acro with @douglasawesome @failspy @pigsfly @abbyo @serenagermany and @somethinsomethingiforgothisusername. i also made pretty good milkshakes w/ @serenagermany and @pigsfly. *cough* basically this blog is all about tags. *cough* *cough* *clearing throat* and i played legos with Botey(?) Bye-Bye!

*grumble* *grumble*

hey guys!

On Wednesday(?) i went to the park and did a lot of improv (i don’t know how to spell it.) games (like “cow, tiger and alien,” “directer,” a few skits and that one game where you play a scene and then you do each character’s perspective) with @failspy @abbyo and @douglasawesome. Yesterday i played with legos (i was a scientist who committed suicide), i played a few minutes worth of this debug game called “Yandere Simulator” (it’s only 11% done! that’s why it’s a debug game) i read (a bit) and talked about “the witch of black bird pond” (nat’s a jerk! “only the guilty ones float”) with @kingthanos and i think on the same day i was in Japanese class with yasushi! it was intense. last night i only got 3 hours of sleep so i had to stay home *grumble* *grumble* today i took a nap, i read most of a really good comic called “Relish : my life in the kitchen by Lucy Knisley”, and i listened to music for a bit. Bye-Bye!

“Ryan is a skrub” -Thanos the gr3at

hey guys!

i’m baack!!! . . . . . (total writer’s block). . .(sad face) . . . qwerty! Q-W-E-R-T-Y it’s the first 6 letters on a keyboard! . . . uh. . . what else should i write. . . well, on Thursday after school i went to gymnastics. that’s why my back kinda hurts.  today i drew a picture of qubee from Madoka Magica, i played i bit of minecraft, just a bit w/@timotree. i played some “Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time” w/@douglasawesome, (such a hard game) i made a paper airplane that spins when it flies. i wrote “stealth fighter” on it. NEE! I am the black knight who says nee! NEE! Bye-Bye!