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happy halloween!

hey guys! (sorry this blog is shorter than usual!)

uta no prince sama happy halloween!!!  *squeeee!* *fangirl mode activated*  i LOVE that show! *@serenagermany slaps forehead* well HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! toDAY i L.T.M.ed i played were wolves (i knew i would suck strawberries from the beginning. . . beeteedub it did) i (pretend) stabbed hannah, (a bunch) i sadly did not draw travel cat =,(  *tear runs down face* and dats it. welp! have a happy halloween! Bye-Bye!

magoka magooka (real name :madoka magica.)

hey guys!

(I’m going to talk about anime for the first paragraph. there will also be spoilers. you have been warned)

have any of you seen magoka magooka? (yeah, that’s what I’m going to call “Madoka Magica” TV-PG) i saw all the episodes but i have not seen any of the 3 movies yet. if you guys have at least seen all the episodes of magoka magooka or at least the first 3, then you know it’s a dark show.  especially the part where mami’s head gets bitten off and at the end of the show madoka dies! i can’t believe they killed the main character! oh well. . . at least i there are the movies! and there’s this other really good anime called “no game no life (TV-14)” that i’ve seen all of the episodes and it has nothing to do with magoka magooka! =D

(now the anime blabber is over. finally)

today i pretend stabbed dragged hannah around and pretend dumped her in the trash (actually i did that all week) i L.T.M.ed, i was in doctor who philosophy, i did cooking with Nancy. we made our own individual grilled cheese sandwiches on a pan! (however the tomato soup was store bought. sad face) i did change up and i blogged. Bye-Bye!


hey guys! (@timotree)

#douglasisacrazynoob PASS IT ON!!! today i all made tacos! i didn’t eat any! yesterday i lived! yay! today i also attacked @theskycookie because he was visiting us, i mugged @jacobcb, i L.T.M. ed (Listened To Music) i grilled a mermaid (@pigsfly), i played werewolves, i ate my mom’s cake and shared it with everyone else, i mugged @pigsfly, i discovered i have a loose tooth, this week i. . . did some psychology, i started the Harry Potter circle, i saw @lillaw, i dictated characters @lillaw drew, i culture committeeed (i know that’s not how you spell it) yeah that’s all i want to say for now. Bye-Bye!

Don’t judge me! =P

hey guuuaaaiiiyyys! ;D

so uh, yesterday i took a class this Mandy person (bear’s friend)was teaching, and it was awesome! we were talking about like, hunter(H) and gatherer(G) modes and how we thought there were specific genders for them like (G) was only a female thing and (H) was only a male thing but actually both genders use (H) AND (G)! it was really fun! (that’s all i want to say for yesterday) okay so today i was doing cook noob and we cooked this risotto and bercetta food. i didn’t have any because even though it looked delicious i didn’t want to cook it but i did anyway (it was all @serenagermany’s idea and none of us complained at first but we didn’t want to cook that food) =\ *shrug* i watched YouTube, YouTuber : Domics (don’t judge me! =P) i went to get lunch with @serenagermany (total awkward fest) and i think that’s it! Bye-Bye!


Hey guys!

Today I made (and ate) some spaghetti and meat balls (@kingthanos and his horny rimes), I played one round of hide and seek, I went to little seizer’s pizza with @Hannah and @Serena (I didn’t buy anything. . . @serenagermany wanted us to get beat up) I watched YouTube.com and I had troble with the internet (#shortestblogever)