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love triangle with 2 werewolves and 1 cupid! <3

hey guys!

Today i played a werewolves game where there was a love triangle between two werewolves and one cupid (ω) but of course all four werewolves died but i lasted the longest because i was the last one to die. Today i also L.T.M.ed, i made and ate a pizza tortilla! (ˆ∪ˆ) it was delicious! i bought two expensive rose rings (one blue and one black) from @serenagermany! they were expensive because i only had $1 and ¢1 and one ring was ¢50! so now i only have ¢1! >¦‹  but it’s fine. today i saw @lillaw! yay! well i think that’s all i did today! Bye-Bye!

Hannah was poking me a few minutes ago

hey guys! (now i know how to change the text color)

(°ω°) let’s see what i did this week, hmm. . . oh i know! today i L.T.M.ed (Listen to music) i played were wolves (i was exicuted)i tried to watch a bit of hetalia with @serenagermany and @xxxxpgainzxxx but they were fighting about who can kick the highest and things got a bit out of control. . . \(°—°)/ oh well! i borrowed some bacon and grated cheese from cook noob since i don’t like potatoes (‾ω‾) nyeh heh heh. on Wednesday i went to the Japanese market and bought two grape sodas and two boxes of pocky (and half of that was for my parents!) and i did go to the Korean market but everything was so expensive! i was like “WUT?! table flip! (/°∧°)/ T¯¯T” (i didn’t really flip any tables) welp ii think that’s all i’m gonna write! Bye-Bye!

POOOOOCKYYYYYY!!! (and japanese soda)

hey guys!

do you know what pocky is? if you do, skip this paragraph! pocky is a bunch of biscuit sticks covered in chocolate cream! it’s delicious! it’s amazing! it’s. . . ADDICTING!!! i had a verity of candy from Halloween and guess what i did? i bought pocky. it’s that good!

and Japanese soda. . . ahhh! it’s so good! especially the grape soda! mmmmm! every time @serenagermany buys some i always have some of it!

(change topic) didja know @failspy is writing a story about a psychic girl named scarlet! (change topic) today i watched Japanese music videos, (they were beautiful) i watched dumb frozen videos (i wish i hadn’t) i made french toast in cook noob, and. . . i think that’s it! Bye-Bye!