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Nooo! Meh barbecue sauce!

hey guys!

Today i made some fried chicken wings! When i was eating the chicken wing covered in barbecue sauce  after words i think i got a allergy reaction to the barbecue sauce because i have a bit of red around my face. Nooo! Meh barbecue sauce! (Δ) But it was worth it! The chicken wings were SO GOOD! however everyone else had them with hot sauce! i hate anything spicy! even if it’s just “a little spicy” (>∧<) yuck! but, that’s just my opinion. you can like spicy stuff if you want.

spiciness aside, today i also L.T.M.ed, i made the delicious fried chicken wings, i played a nooby game of werewolves, and i attended Tea Time W/ Nancy. I think that’s it! ByeBye! Anhappy holidays! \(ˆωˆ)/

Yoni would TOTALLY be in pedal punk!

hey guys!

So! Tea time! Yeah. . . @kingthanos was really immature! And the story @nhoopee was really depressing! But all in all i had a good time! I had a lot of sugar to. . . (‾ω‾) hee hee hee. . . And i’m watching “kill la kill” too! It’s rated TV-MA so. . . Kids, don’t watch it! Unless you have permission from your parents or guardian. (i don’t want to be the start of something horrible) And Today i L.T.M.ed, i went to the “pedal punk“! Yoni would TOTALLY be in pedal punk! (ÒωÓ)! But, he wasn’t. Oh well. it was a good performance, though! They were flipping an’ spinning an’ all that crazy stuff! it was cool! thank you for taking me, @abbyo! welp, i think that’s all i want to say! Bye-Bye!

red velvet and EXO


There’s this kpop band called “red velvet” and there’s another kpop band called “EXO” they’re both really cool! () You should look them up on YaTube! Aaaanyway. . . Today in c∅∅k n∅∅b i made some egg rolls and creme brulée! the egg rolls were delicious! (ω) we put some chocolate chunks in the creme brulée! and there was a special egg roll that had some creme brulée in it! we didn’t know which one it was until some creme brulée spilled out of timo’s egg rol and on to his sock! i also L.T.M.ed aaaand. . . .i hink that’s it! well, Bye-Bye!