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I’m hungry-I mean thirsty for some sort of fizzy drink.

hey guys!

I saw Usagi-chan’s (@serenagermany’s bottle of Sierra MIST and I’m hungry-I mean thirsty for some sort of fizzy drink(‾Δ‾) *sigh* NYAaaAaa! (grumpy meow) I’m so thirsty for her fizzy soda but it would be rude to ask for some (+ I’m not aloud to “beg” for food and stuff) LOL @failspy!! WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK?!?!?!?!?! NYAaaAaa! Soo. . . Today I L.T.M.ed, I did cook nØØb, i listened to this distracting conversation between @serenagermany, @jacobcband @pigsfly! (I’m tryin’ to blog guys!) ney ney* viewer! Did you know that Edward Elric** started out as 4’11 (my exact height) and now 5’7 and Syo*** is 5’3! THEY’RE BOTH TALLER THAN ME!! WAAAAAA!! (TTΔTT) Welp! Sorry this was so short! Bye-Bye!

*hey hey

**Edward Elric is the main character to Fullmetal Alchemist

***Syo is a very short character from Uta No Prince Sama


hey guys!

DESSUUUUUUUUUUUUU~! (kill me now) XD JK, JK! uh, so. . . There is this anime boy-band-thing  (no one plays any instruments in the idol-boy-thing) called STARISH and they. are. AMAZING!!! EEIIIIIIE! (fan-girl scream) and  they’re from Uta No Prince Sama. I watched all three seasons and i wish they were so real! (at the same time i wsh they wouldn’t because i fan-girl about them too much already and i would be all doki doki [heart beating] nervous) So the point is, “STAGE CONTINUE” (or ‘PRE STAGE’) made a uta no prince sama song for it eleven months ago and i just found out about it. I think it’s really good! it’s a good anime (probably directed towards girls) about singing boys so watch it if you like that kinda stuff! If you do want to watch, listen up! i watch it on hulu and to start from the beginning watch both two seasons of Uta No Prince Sama then watch Uta No Prince Sama Revolutions (which is technically the third season) now you’ve watched all of Uta No Prince Sama that 2016 has! (they will probably make stuff later from now because they ended season three with a big cliff hanger)

Enough fan-girling here! Alright, so. . . Today i L.T.Med, i had one of @fireballdeath’s donuts (he offered it to me, okay?!) and i did Tea Time with @nhoopee (again, i added a lot of sugar to my Raspberry tea [sometimes it’s peppermint tea!]) i think that’s it! Oh! And on Wednesday i went to the Uncommons! However. . . my childhood was ruined by playing Cards Against Humanity and Disturbed Friends. if you never heard of them, DONT PLAY THEM! If you heard of them but never played them, DONT PLAY THEM!! If you had played them, i’m sorry. If you have played them and you really like them, i pity you so much. Well, now i think i’m done. Bye-Bye!!!

“7$ for a plushie?!”

hey guys!

So @serenagermany was selling plushies and stuffed animals becuase she was raising money to go to Puerto Rico (the plushies and stuff were not yet made because she just started her business so we had to order them or something) and she said i can get a medium sized (8 inches tall) otoya ittoki plushies for seven dollars and i was like (ÒοÓ) “7$ for a plushie?! (/°Δ°)/ T¯¯T “table flip!!” but i only said that in my head so only i could hear me. I just went along with it with a smile.

Also, have you heard of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? She is a Japanese singer who makes these ridiculous and awesome songs! Like “PON PON PON”, “CANDY CANDY”, “Crazy party night”, “Kyary anan” and “Furisodation”! those are only the ones i heard and the music videos are super weird and super cute! but the are all in Japanese so if you are not into music in a language other than English, don’t listen to it. Sadly, @jacobcb and @serenagermany don’t like her music. (TTTT) i crah ehvery tahm. *sniff* (translation : i cry every time. *sniffles from tears*)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaany way. . . Today i also L.T.M.ed, i played very little Sims 3, aaand just did random s**t with @serenagermany and @pigsfly. I think that’s it! well. . .

ByeBye!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! Sweets! l♥ve! See ya!