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Ice cream in the rain~

hey guys!

ice cram in the rain~ yeah… that’s basically what me, @serenagermany, @pigsfly, Rocheal (is that how you spell it? probably not.) and @bear. on Wednesday we went to blick  while it was kinda raining, then when we were trying to find a sunrise market but we found another one, all the while getting soaked in the off and on rain. then we went to an ice cream shop while it was still raining, (btdubs it was a galato place) also i had to pee at one point so me and @bear asked the man who worked at the ice cream place where was a bathroom. he said something about a Starbucks near there so we searched for it. . .and did not find it. so we went into this random bar, and the few people there were kinda creepy. . . and at one point @pigsfly had to go too, so they went to the same bar. and when they came back @bear said the guys at the bar were even more  creepy and kinda almost threatened @bear. so we went back to school, and yeah. that’s all i feel like sharing for today! Bye-Bye!

@serenagermany is a b-baka! (stahp shippen’ meh @serenagermany!)


(°∇°) How mah homies be doin’? Just kiddin’! I don’t really care! (btw i don’t want to be shipped. reference to stupid @serenagermany’s blog) Today i made cupcakez! So. . . The rainbow sprinkles i used on my cupcake had some chocolate sprinkles. . . yay! Yeah, I was soops scared! \(°∇°)/ (i used to have a small chocolate allergy [i could still eat chocolate though] but recently my allergy got serious so i can’t eat or touch chocolate) so my throat burned a bit! Thank badassness i did not need to use my epipen! Anyway, today i also played on @serenagermany’s tablet thing! (i played mean girls) I L.T.M.ed,  i did tea time, (had four cups of tea!) LOLLOLOL! And i hung out with friends! Bye-Bye!


Today, Friday, i stayed home because i was too tired (sorry) and it was snowing pretty bad. so i binge watched a bunch of episodes of Parasyte. (it’s a TV-MA anime that is about aliens that come from outer space to “neutralize the human race because they have become toxic to the earth”. it’s pretty gory but also really awesome.) and i was also reading The Giver (i think it’s about a time centuries in the future when there is no color, no one had many choices, and no one said they loved each other. [trying not to give any spoilers]) and so i feel. . . like explaining what i perceive humans. i donno why, i just feel like it. lol.

WARNING! This contains horrible grammar that may annoy some people. Some things in this paragraph may offend some people as well.


Humans are just humans, and only humans. I don’t think we can or will be anything more, or anything better. But being human is so complex in itself. We can kill and destroy so much, yet we can save and fix and create so many. We favor things over others, and we are bias no matter how many times we say we got rid of favoring. Yet we also love and help things equally. We can be beautiful, yet we can be disgusting and horrific. (and not just in a physical way.) We can mercilessly kill our own kind and other innocent creatures, yet we cry when something else dies. We let people suffer and sometimes even purposely make people suffer, yet we spoil and smother others with love and affection. We can stab eac other in the back, but we can work together and make a change in how the current society works. We may be- no, are horrible creatures, but we are HUMAN, and we cannot change that. Do not change who you are or how you look, because each of you are special in your own way. (even if you are a bit TOO special) *End*

2016 February 5 by Askani Grasso-Knight

ps. If i said something offensive, please tell me in a calm manner, instead of raging about it. Just in advanced.