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hey guys!

i lahke canday! (now I’m in a candy mood. . .great.) \(¬Δ¬)

LOLOLOL! anywaysy. . . Today i L.T.M.ed, i hung @serenager-I MEAN I HUNG OUT WITh @serenagermany. . .heh heh heh. . . I’M NOT A SERIAL KILLER I SWEAR! . . . i also did change up, aaaananananaanaanananananad. . .that’s it, i think!

hey have you ever heard of “Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt“? Well it’s about angels that got kicked out of heaven and now they fight ghosts for coins to get back to heaven! What to expect : shmexy content, a whole s**t ton of curses, AMAZING MUSIC, and sex jokes! YO A** HAS BEEN WARNED!

Alright! I think that’s it! Bye-Bye!

(a/n : sorry it’s so short! i just didn’t do much today!)

LOL by3 by3 h473r2! (translation : *laughing* bye bye haters!)

hey guys!

i lahke ice-crehm. (I’m in the mood for sweets. . .like cake, and ice cream. . .i don’ t know why. . .) So! Today i L.T.M.ed, i hung out with @serenagermany, i did change up, aaaaand. . . *clogs turning* uh. . .me thinks that’s all i did today. . . this week i denied being adorable (I’M NOT CUTE!!!) i delivered flowers to my first mom because she got a new job, i listened to @serenagermany’s story of me trying to summon STARISH but instead i accidentally turned my self into a very tall 5’10 very handsome thirteen-year old boy with awesome swaaaaaag. \(=ω=)/ yeeees~! Say how awesome handsome i am~! LOL and i played “Hero In Love” a dating sim game with @serenagermany.

Did’ya know I’m kinda deathly allergic to chocolate?

pain…without love…

pain…i can’t get enough…

pain…i like it yummy…


(whoever knows the song i just wrote, you get a cookie. i did edit the lyrics though. the word “yummy” )I know. . . it’s so sad! /(TAT)\ I MISS YOU CHOCOLATE!!! whhhhhyyyyyy?!?!??! WHY DID YOU LEAVE MEEEEE?!??!?! it’s a sad relationship. my waifu, Choco-chan left meh for good a few months ago. i-i ate her too many times. I’m tryin’ ta get over the pain. . . *sniff* *hic* (Choco-chan = chocolate)

welp! that’s all for now! *sniff* Bye-Bye!



Looooooooooool! So! There’s this new exchange stu-den-tay from Germany! And he’s pretty coll so faaaaaaaaaaaar. (/>ω<)/ *`’`* <—particles! ALL THE PARTICLES!!! i like throwing particles~! LOL I’m bored! Sooooooooo. . . Today iiii. . . L.T.M.ed, i hung hannah- i mean hung OUT with Hannah! i didn’t HANG her! I did stab @pigsfly, though. . .DON’T CALL THE POLICE!! I SWEAR SHE DESERVED IT! (lol jkI also. . . Oh yeaaah! @serenagermany told meh that at one point when @pigsfly and @xxxxpgainzxxx “ditched” her, an old man. . . .flirted with her and my reaction in my head was “AAAAAAAAAAAAhdljeasgfluayWTFegrfueayrgkfyuageku!!!!!” Like WTF man?! Eeeeeeeeeeeew! noooooo. . .in no way is that OKAY! I mean, she’s only eleven!!

Anyway. . . soooo.. . .that’s all for this week! @xxxxpgainzxxx and @serenagermany are fighting and Julius is being hilarious! Bye-Bye!

I’m drawing a person of color in anime for the first time!

the cake is a lie    hey guys!

So! Have you listened to “Darude – Sandstorm”? You should listen to this awesome song! Upu pu pu pu pu! (note : when i laugh like that, I’m trying to be evil) LOL! \(ÒωÓ)/ anyway. . . Today i L.T.M.ed, i hung out w/ @serenagermany and @pigsfly, and played “The Yawhg” with mah peeps (btdubs it’s a really cool game! I got  the medium ending and the best ending! I wonder what the worst ending is like. . .?) Oh! and this week i was drawing my OC (Original Character) and I’m making her African American! It’s important to me because it’s the first OC in Anime I’m making that is a person of color! All i have to do now is ink and color her! I’m so excited to finish her! i haven’t made a name for her yet, so message me a name on Facebook! If you don’t know my Facebook account, then oh well! \(°~°)/ (sorry. i won’t tell you my Facebook account unless you ask me in IRL [In Real Life]) Bye-Bye!