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Luca smells like apples and peanut butter!

hey guys!

Guess what? Today when @pigsfly was going to blog, i showed her how to use emojis lahke dis –> \(ˆ∇ˆ)/ and dis! –> (=ω=) It was fun! huhlololol!

Oh! And i asked @timotree what it was like to have braces (btw he got braces) because i MIGHT need to get braces some day in a few years, (i have a slanted over bight LOL!) and it seemed like HELL! I don’t wanna get braces. Ever. (“°⊂°)/ (” Used as blue lines for fear or nervousness. I will use ‘ as a sweat drop which is used for nervousness or awkwardness.)

So today i went to change up like i always do, i played some volleyball, i played truth or dare with @fireballdeath and @serenagermany, aaaaaaaaaaaaannd. . .*thinking*. . .played fire boy and water girl with @pigsfly, and i think that’s it! Bye-Bye!

hey guys!

I’m watching an anime called gugure kokkuri-san! it’s about a girl in japan (that says she’s a doll) and she plays a game kinda like Ouija board but it’s a fox spirit not a ghost. The game is called “Kokkuri-san”! It’s also in real life so you can actually play it! It’s pretty popular in japan as well! Someday i wanna play it! (/)/

Anyway. . . Today i watched the last episode of Undertale the game play, i hung out with @serenagermany, i helped @serenagermany measure herself, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. . . *cogs turning* . . .That’s it! I guess. Welp! Bye-Bye!


hey guys!

NOW I’m in the mood for sweets in general! crap. . .(Is it a thing now that i tell you what food I’m in the mood for?!) Today i L.T.M.ed, i. . .went to get a crêpe. . .? I guess that’s it. Well! I’ll tell you about getting da crêpe! @abbyo, @serenagermany, and I tredged through mud and snow, wind and quake! jk all we did was go to 96th st (passed the adorable dog shelter. /(ω)\ OHMAHGERD they are so CUTE!) and bought a sugar and butter crêpe (actually @serenagermany bought it for meh) LOL i put 2 small bags of sugar on the crêpe! and i had a bunch of marshmallows today as well! (someday, I’m gonna get diabetes)

OMG fml why are my blogs so short lately?! welp! Bye-Bye!

ps haikyuu is a great anime (i haven’t even finished the first season lol) such intense boy drama much volleyball. it’s on Hulu! so watch it it if you like to see sweaty boys fighting about trivial volleyball things!