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I have a wattpad account! Oh no…

hey guys!

I have a wattpad account! YAAAAY! But I’m not gonna tell ya mah name because I write weird stuff on there. . . . .I just wanted to tell you so I can brag about it.

Anywayyy, Today I missed @serenagermany very much, *cry* (TTATT) I read and wrote stuff on wattpad, I hung out with Eli, aaaaaaaaannnd. . .yeah, that’s all I did today. OH CHEESUS CHRUST I can’t finish this blog now! It’s way to short! Let’s see, what interesting thing did I do this week. . ? Well, I got classic boba tea with @serenagermany on Wednesday! It was pretty good I guess. I should’ve ordered something else, but now I know what the classic boba tea tastes like! LOL! Hmm. . .anything else. . ? I got it! A lot this week I was on a drawing splurg. (spl-er-j [to binge or to do a lot of something, usually in a short amount of time]) Almost everyday I intended to draw! It was fun! Btw I watched Deadpool a few days ago so you can message me about it! But just to warn you I only ship deadpool with spiderman. Welp! I think that’s it! Bye-Bye~!


hey guys. . .

I’m so sorry!! \(>A<)/ On my last post I colored the word ‘Russia’ with the communist Russian’s flag colors instead of Russia’s actual flag colors! I’m really sorry!!! Hopefully i didn’t offend anyone! if I did I’m super dooper sorry!!

Anyway. . . *awkward laugh* eheh. . . still sorry. . .

Soo. . .Today i tried green tea pocky for the fist time! It’s not something i would eat unless i have to, but it’s still kinda good. i also (maybe, slightly, I really don’t know) kinda cracked @serenagermany’s phone when i zoomed past her. or maybe she just randomly dropped her phone, i don’t know. But it cracked A LOT!! So she started crying, and. . . i just froze. i didn’t knows what to do and my legs wouldn’t move for a bit even after she walked away. I think she was crying because she was afraid her mom would get mad at her, but it seemed to still work so I don’t get the problem. I guess she doesn’t like to use a phone with a cracked screen. *shrug* ⌉(°~°)⌈ I use a very cracked phone and I’m fine. But, unlike other people known as sheep i know that @serenagermany and I are two COMPLETELY different people, so I should not compare her and I. LOL! Also @likeaboss came to see us! YAAAYAYYAYAYAYYYAYAYAYAYLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!  He’s as short as ever. *weeb voice* But that makes him KAWII-DESU~!

Well, that’s all for today! Sorry it kinda sounded like a fanfic because of all the details! Bye-Bye!

sexy sax guy + sax = awesome!

hey guys!

Well! Uh. . . on Wednesday I got lost with @serenagermany and @muffinsthecutest. All to get some bubble tea. . . LOL find out what happened yourselves! Why not go ask’em? LOL!

So today I went to a mental health appointment! They asked meh a lot of questions! I also LOLed, played Gang Beast, and played Duck Games. It twas really fun! Oh yeah and I listened to epic sax dude and sexy sax guy with @douglasawesome, @failspy, julius, and @serenagermany!

For the Hetalia fans out there (nobody) i am America and Russia from hetalia!

Bye-Bye!! (=∇=) <—- (Italy curl.)