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Kirito the dorito.

img_1485545225757Now applaud my editing skillz.

For this is : Kirito the dorito.




So today I hung out with @simoneboss, and I drew on my computer. Sorry I didn’t do much, I was just really busy drawing and it was such a short day. (´▽`;)ゞ I had an art project I had to finish today and I still have quite a lot more art projects I need to finish soon, so I’ll mainly just be drawing.


Killing Me Softly With His Song~!

Hey guys.

So today I was reading a webcomic called Killing Stalking and it’s really good! It’s pretty dark and doesn’t really have any humor, it’s kinda like a horror webcomc. . . . .


I wouldn’t recommend anyone reading it if you would look at it through moral more than quality. It has stalk home syndrome and blood and sexual assault in it so if you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff so much so that you would need to avoid anything like it, then you probably shouldn’t read it.

Also one of the characters in it sings a song called Killing Me Softly With His Song and it’s a pretty good song! Maybe listen to it sometime! (I recommend Spotify to listen to it on because Spotify is the shit.)

Anywaaayyyy…..today I read the webcomic, I L.T.M.ed, I drew with @melody, and that’s it.