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Hhhhhh poor Jonesy.


There’s this comic called Jonesy, and it’s really good. It’s kinda angsty and dramatic, because the main character is a young teenager lol. Jonesy (the teen) has powers to make people fall in love with anything but herself. I lot of drama happens, but ‘is cool. Maybe go read it?

Anyways, today I drew an autistic doll girl, I listened to music, and I’m reading Jonesy rn.

That’s pretty much it….Bye-bye~!♥

Hewwo evewypony. 

This week I took a righteous nap, one of the best I’ve ever had. No, seriously, that nap was super radical. MMMMMthatwasagoodnap.

Anyways, BTS came out with 2 new teasers as of rn, and I am upset. THEY ARE SO DISRESPECTFULL, OOOMMMOOOOO!!!

Why do they do this to me… here is the link to the first teaser. ⇓↓↓↓⇓

I am personally insulted, they look so beautiful and the changed their hair aNDAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!


That’s all I have to say for now, Bye-Bye~!♥