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“:333333333333333333333333333” Says Local Loser.

Hewwo all~!

So today I read the last of Wet Moon 2, and It’s ssssooooooo good~!! I recommend the series to the people who like reading nsfw comics about drama and creepy stuff. (Tw : rare d*ke slur and self harm scars in the book.) I honestly love the art style, especially how the artist draws the characters’ lips! Here’s a pic of one of the pages in volume 1.

Ahh, I just love the lips!!!!!!♥

Anyway, today I also talked with @serenagermany, @simoneboss, and @pigsfly about some juicy topics. :3 That was pretty fun! And anddddddddd I read Ancillary Justice with @timotree and @melody!! It’s amazing, I really enjoy reading it with them!!! I think that’s all for now, bye bye~!♥

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