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“A bit late, eh govna’?” Says Local Loser

Hewwo all~!

Sorry that this blog is a few days late, I have no excuses for it other than my lack of responsibility for the school activities.

Anyway, let’s get right in to the blog, shall we?

So alc has made a new minecraft server! I’m very happy about it, though considering I play minecraft quite a bit later than most, It’ll be just as lonely as the previous server lol. So far I have made a house within the mountain next to the main buildings, but idk if that’s allowed tbh since there aren’t many other buildings. (Though it is a new server, so I shouldn’t expect a whole city already.) Ahh, I’m just really excited for the opportunities of the new alc server on minecraft, I hope things will end up well! That’s all for now, see ya!


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