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Hello all.

Today I did Japanese! Remember when I was the only 1 who went to Japanese and played a board game? Well, we played that board game again, and I wasn’t the only 1 with Yasushi-sensei! It was fun, and most of the game I was behind. (Though I got 3rd place out of all the 5 players heheheheh.)

Alright, let’s talk about the weather. (Lol.)

It’s been getting hotter and hotter recently, and I don’t like it 1 bit. I personally like cold weather, where all/most of the bugs are dead and I can bundle up in the cold as much as I want~! (I really love the feeling of being in lots of blankets in bed when it’s cold.) But in the summer, I can’t take off layers of my skin to feel cooler!!! I just have to live with my sweaty melting body, all gross and overheated. I don’t get why people love the summer and hot weather so much, my ideal weather is in between 40-60° fahrenheit and raining. (At least most of the time.) I’m fine with it being colder though. But hot?? No thanks!!! Hhhh,, wish it was fall already..

That’s all, bye-bye!♥

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