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2 ingredient /╲/\(oOwOo)/\╱\ casserole you wouldn’t believe!!!

Hello all.

Today I hung out with some friends and did Japanese class. In Japanese class we did calligraphy of numbers, and we won candy for whoever wrote them the prettiest. I got a bunch of candy, and so did @douglasawesome. I guess that means we did the best.

Lately I’ve been watching some horror game reviews with my boyfriend, like Clock Tower and Rule Of Rose. I love games like those, like Silent Hill and such. They’re so creepy and have such a nice aesthetic, I love them so much. I recommend at least seeing a playthrough of 1 of the games, they’re cool. I do enjoy the time I spend with my boyfriend doing this, it’s fun and they have such good taste in horror.

That’s all, bye bye.  

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