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“A bit late, eh govna’?” Says Local Loser

Hewwo all~!

Sorry that this blog is a few days late, I have no excuses for it other than my lack of responsibility for the school activities.

Anyway, let’s get right in to the blog, shall we?

So alc has made a new minecraft server! I’m very happy about it, though considering I play minecraft quite a bit later than most, It’ll be just as lonely as the previous server lol. So far I have made a house within the mountain next to the main buildings, but idk if that’s allowed tbh since there aren’t many other buildings. (Though it is a new server, so I shouldn’t expect a whole city already.) Ahh, I’m just really excited for the opportunities of the new alc server on minecraft, I hope things will end up well! That’s all for now, see ya!


“:333333333333333333333333333” Says Local Loser.

Hewwo all~!

So today I read the last of Wet Moon 2, and It’s ssssooooooo good~!! I recommend the series to the people who like reading nsfw comics about drama and creepy stuff. (Tw : rare d*ke slur and self harm scars in the book.) I honestly love the art style, especially how the artist draws the characters’ lips! Here’s a pic of one of the pages in volume 1.

Ahh, I just love the lips!!!!!!♥

Anyway, today I also talked with @serenagermany, @simoneboss, and @pigsfly about some juicy topics. :3 That was pretty fun! And anddddddddd I read Ancillary Justice with @timotree and @melody!! It’s amazing, I really enjoy reading it with them!!! I think that’s all for now, bye bye~!♥

Rip Vine.

Hewwo all (Too lazy to color them individually today.) 

So part of this week I’ve been playing Animal Crossing : Pocket  Addition and it’s really cute and fun! I’ve never played the ds versions so I don’t know if it’s worse or not, but I think it isn’t as good as the newest Animal Crossing because I saw a screen shot of it that looks amazing compared to Pocket Addition. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s still fun though. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Today I watched some YouTube and I got pretty sad because vine no longer exists. I wasn’t a user on vine but seeing the vines on YouTube makes me really miss them. I only truly found out about vine a few months before it got shut down, so I didn’t get to experience as much of it as I could’ve. (。•́︿•̀。)

Today I also played some Animal Crossing : Pocket Addition, and listened to music. 

Bye bye!

Super Mario Odyssey Came Out!!!

Hewwo all!

Super Mario Odyssey came out today!! I’m pretty excited to see a playthrough of it! I heard it’s$60 which seems a little too expensive for a game, but @douglasawesome said it’s worth every penny so to each their own I guess..¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So this week I got food with @melody, I watched a lot of Mario Maker playthroughs, went to be interviewed by a lot of 8th graders about my experiences, and that’s all I can recall for now…Bye-bye~!♥

Ay maaaaaaaaannn..

Hewwo all~

Today I mostly napped until 1:30pm, and then got lunch but couldn’t have my drink that I bought for lunch because it was clean up….. o( ̄ヘ ̄o#) But I’m glad I get to go home earlier than usual because it’s fridaaaayyy~~! Also Jeff came to school today so I messed with him a lot, which is probably why he kinda tries to bite me when I attempted to touch him lol. (ง •̀_•́)ง

Sorry that’s all, bye-bye~!♥

Hhhhhh poor Jonesy.


There’s this comic called Jonesy, and it’s really good. It’s kinda angsty and dramatic, because the main character is a young teenager lol. Jonesy (the teen) has powers to make people fall in love with anything but herself. I lot of drama happens, but ‘is cool. Maybe go read it?

Anyways, today I drew an autistic doll girl, I listened to music, and I’m reading Jonesy rn.

That’s pretty much it….Bye-bye~!♥

Hewwo evewypony. 

This week I took a righteous nap, one of the best I’ve ever had. No, seriously, that nap was super radical. MMMMMthatwasagoodnap.

Anyways, BTS came out with 2 new teasers as of rn, and I am upset. THEY ARE SO DISRESPECTFULL, OOOMMMOOOOO!!!

Why do they do this to me… here is the link to the first teaser. ⇓↓↓↓⇓

I am personally insulted, they look so beautiful and the changed their hair aNDAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!


That’s all I have to say for now, Bye-Bye~!♥