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Hello all.

Today I did Japanese with the usual crew, and it was pretty fun! Though since there were 7 people playing the game Yasushi-sensei had, we had to end it early because it was almost 12pm.

There was also a culture committee today, involving luca and james. It was the same as usual, james griefed luca and it also broke a school rule. I was really tired of seeing the same culture committee about the same topic that’s been going on for months. We got both of them to get off the troll white list so they wouldn’t troll or be trolled anymore, which should help. But if a culture committee happens again, I’ll say that a suspension or a similar consequence should happen.

That’s all, bye bye!♥


Hello all.

Today I did Japanese class again, and we ate soba and somen! Yasushi-sensei said that they were for the summer because they’re eaten when cold, and that ramen was for the winter because ramen is hot! (Though you can eat them anytime tbh.) It was pretty fun!

I’m currently listening to a heavy metal band called Passenger Of Sh*t and I really like the music! It’s pretty 18+ so I don’t recommend small children listening to it lol….But yeah, I really enjoy the music and I hope you do too!

Bye bye!♥

Pop Team Epic

Hello all.

Today I did Japanese with Yasushi-sensei all by myself, it was pretty cool! We watched the anime Pop Team Epic and it was fun! The show is actually very funny and it was cool to see someone older than me from japan enjoy it.

Lately I’ve been playing more minecraft with my friends, and it’s pretty fun! Though sometimes I’m afraid to admit it because it’ll seem “cringy”. I don’t really appreciate cringe culture, saying something is cringy when it’s not hurting anyone and it’s just kids enjoying things.  Cringe culture is dead, from now on we let people enjoy things (unless they’re toxic) without calling them cringy.

That’s all, bye bye!♥

David Bowie Exhibit

Hello all.

So yesterday I went to the David Bowie exhibit,, and it was amazing! He’s a music genius, and a cool person overall. He experimented with what sexuality, and androgyny meant as a whole. He dazzled the crowd with his outfits, and amazed the world with his music. Overall 9/10, would go see. Only things I didn’t like were that my feet hurt a lot afterwards, and that I can’t remember the amazing songs by him I wanted to look up.

Today I did Japanese, and it was pretty fun! But after a few rounds of the games Yasushi-sensei brought, I got pretty tired. I tend to be tired a lot lmao.

That’s all, bye-bye~!♥


Hello all.

Today I did Japanese! Remember when I was the only 1 who went to Japanese and played a board game? Well, we played that board game again, and I wasn’t the only 1 with Yasushi-sensei! It was fun, and most of the game I was behind. (Though I got 3rd place out of all the 5 players heheheheh.)

Alright, let’s talk about the weather. (Lol.)

It’s been getting hotter and hotter recently, and I don’t like it 1 bit. I personally like cold weather, where all/most of the bugs are dead and I can bundle up in the cold as much as I want~! (I really love the feeling of being in lots of blankets in bed when it’s cold.) But in the summer, I can’t take off layers of my skin to feel cooler!!! I just have to live with my sweaty melting body, all gross and overheated. I don’t get why people love the summer and hot weather so much, my ideal weather is in between 40-60° fahrenheit and raining. (At least most of the time.) I’m fine with it being colder though. But hot?? No thanks!!! Hhhh,, wish it was fall already..

That’s all, bye-bye!♥

Lone japanese.

Hello all.

So today I was alone in Japanese, but it was very fun!! I learned a lot, and won 2/3 times with the game Yasushi brought!! He also gave me a toy since we both liked them and stuff. Hehehh.

Also yesterday? or the day before, @melody @timotree and I left Ancillary Mercy at a suspenseful point!!! I really hope we’ll finish the book in time before summer..  And I s2g if Breq dies in this last book I’m gonna be so upset!!!!

That’s all, sorry it was so short. Bye!♥

Feels bad, man.

Hello all.

Gosh, I love Mario Kart! It’s such a fun game, and while playing it you can see if your competition’s bark is worse then their bite~! And being in 3rd or higher feels so good!!! I’m fine with 5th and higher, but gosh does it feel good to be in the top 3! I feel powerful!

But being in 7th or lower feels bad, man. It’s a big oof.

Anyway, today I did Japanese class! We made miso soup, and since we had more time I got to learn more Japanese~! So that was cool.

Also I read some Ancillary Mercy with @melody and @timotree! I love translator Zeiat so much heheheh.

That’s all, bye!♥

New app.

Hello all.

So there’s this app called BTS Superstar, it’s p good! It’s about music, and it kinda looks like guitar hero on your phone. It seems confusing at first, but it’s very fun and I recommend it to all.

Anyway, today I did Japanese class, so that was fun. We were watching some spring cherry blossom anime, since it was gonna be the time when cherry blossoms (sakura) bloom~! I also had salty liquorice candy thingies today. It wasn’t that salty, but the liquorice taste ruined it and made me feel sick though lmmaaooaoaooo. XD

So yeah, that’s all! Bye!♥


Hello all.

These days have been blurring together a lot, so I’m not sure this blog will be very long..

Anyway, today I talked politics with @failspy and the person who was the apprentice? of another person who visited the school to see what it was about. (Sorry, I’m forgetting names here.) And I watched a bit of the beginning of a sushi documentary, but I couldn’t watch all of it because I had to go. It was about this very old sushi master in Japan named Jiro Ono who works quite a lot in an expensive sushi restaurant. In the documentary he said he was 85, but he’s currently 92 now. It was p interesting, and I don’t I’ve seen some of it before lol.

That’s all, bye!


Heya all.

So today I watched Anpanman in japanese class with @douglasawesome, @timotree and @flamewheel! It was p fun, the anime was amazing, and the karaoke was neato! 11/10 would watch again.

I also wanna talk about ancillary. So far I’ve been reading it with @melody and @timotree, but sadly Mel went to Australia so we couldn’t read Ancillary Mercy this week!Σ(ಥ_ಥ) (I was sick before she left so I couldn’t even say goodbye…)  I am eagerly waiting for her return though, since we can’t do it without her. (It just wouldn’t be the same….) (Spoilers ahead) Breq is an amazing character though, and man,,,, when she dropped the bomb at the end of Ancillary Sword that she wasn’t human! wOAH! Man,,,, what a series.

That’s all, Bye-bye!




(I’m really glad the website is letting me blog, last week I couldn’t due to the site not working. Not to mention all those other weeks where I just forgot to blog, which I am v sorry for.)