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Ice cream in the rain~

hey guys!

ice cram in the rain~ yeah… that’s basically what me, @serenagermany, @pigsfly, Rocheal (is that how you spell it? probably not.) and @bear. on Wednesday we went to blick  while it was kinda raining, then when we were trying to find a sunrise market but we found another one, all the while getting soaked in the off and on rain. then we went to an ice cream shop while it was still raining, (btdubs it was a galato place) also i had to pee at one point so me and @bear asked the man who worked at the ice cream place where was a bathroom. he said something about a Starbucks near there so we searched for it. . .and did not find it. so we went into this random bar, and the few people there were kinda creepy. . . and at one point @pigsfly had to go too, so they went to the same bar. and when they came back @bear said the guys at the bar were even more  creepy and kinda almost threatened @bear. so we went back to school, and yeah. that’s all i feel like sharing for today! Bye-Bye!


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