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Luca smells like apples and peanut butter!

hey guys!

Guess what? Today when @pigsfly was going to blog, i showed her how to use emojis lahke dis –> \(ˆ∇ˆ)/ and dis! –> (=ω=) It was fun! huhlololol!

Oh! And i asked @timotree what it was like to have braces (btw he got braces) because i MIGHT need to get braces some day in a few years, (i have a slanted over bight LOL!) and it seemed like HELL! I don’t wanna get braces. Ever. (“°⊂°)/ (” Used as blue lines for fear or nervousness. I will use ‘ as a sweat drop which is used for nervousness or awkwardness.)

So today i went to change up like i always do, i played some volleyball, i played truth or dare with @fireballdeath and @serenagermany, aaaaaaaaaaaaannd. . .*thinking*. . .played fire boy and water girl with @pigsfly, and i think that’s it! Bye-Bye!

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