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~Push Through, Work It Out~

I’m so sorry I made this blog. So sorry.


Hey guys.

You might be wondering what this blog is about. (Not surprised, my blogs are confusing sh*t.) Well, I’m not really the happiest at the moment. So the title is about working out your problems, never giving up and pushing through life ’till ya can’t, then push some more. I know this isn’t the best thing to start on, but my blogs aren’t that great anyway, so. . .

This isn’t gonna have much dialog so I don’t copy the article a read. Also there is two sections that I didn’t put in. Sorry about that. And I added one of my own because i don’t think it was in the original article. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Dumb Sh*t Not Say To Suicidal People

1. “Suicide is cowardly.”

All you’re doing is making them feel cowardly and weak. It doesn’t really discourage them from committing suicide, it discourages people from seeking help. Ultimately, labeling suicide is really unhelpful because we make suicidal people feel ashamed of their thoughts and feelings.

2. “What about the people you’ll leave behind?”

Putting suicidal people in a position where they feel guilty and ashamed isn’t really a good move. Think about it : we’re feeling so low¬† already, and we don’t need some guilt added to that. Yet People commonly use suicidal people’s loved ones as a guilt trip to get them out of suicide.

  • “But your family will be so sad!”
  • “Your children will be left without a parent how could you let that happen to them?”
  • “How could you be so selfish as to leave me?”

We probably know that it will hurt some people close to us anyway, or we truly don’t believe anyone cares.

3. “Don’t joke about that! You have everything you need in life, why would you end it all?”

Okay, so I haven’t heard anyone say things like the title of this list, but I bet someone has. The point is, don’t say that they are completely fine and shouldn’t say things like that. Because you never truly know how someone feels, you don’t know what they’re dealing with, their everyday life. So don’t shoot don’t the thought that they are suicidal.


Okay, this was stupid. I’m not sure why I’m saying these things here of all places. I’m just not feeling super great right now so I want people to be aware. I’m sorry.

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  1. Abby says:

    Hello, love. Thanks for sharing. I saw an article like this online recently; as hard as it can be to share, I think it’s really important that we help each other think about how their (frequently well-intentioned or just clumsily ignorant) responses can hurt others. I also think articles like this one–http://health.allwomenstalk.com/12-things-you-can-say-to-someone-suicidal-or-depressed–are important (even when they’re on badly made websites with gender-essentialist titles), because they support those who want to learn and grow in coupling the negative (“don’t do x”) with a positive (“do y instead”).

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