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HEY GUHYYSSYYSY. (Still no color option.)

So I accidentally deleted my blog and now I gotta write it again. ;-;

Today I drew on my computer and hung out with friieieiiends.



So I’m’a talk about my binder now. If ya don’t care, stop reading ‘cuz that’s all I’m gonna talk about for the rest of my blog today.

So a binder is basically a sports bra but it covers your whole chest. (and maybe more, depending on what binder you get.) It compresses your chest so it becomes (mostly) flat, usually lesbians and trans men get it but if you want it you can get it too???

So I have a binder and it’s great, since I feel closer to being considered a male and I want it flat because I am a male. (Lol.)

Ya. . . . . . . . . . .Idk what else I was gonna say. . . . . .?????



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