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Heya all.

So today I watched Anpanman in japanese class with @douglasawesome, @timotree and @flamewheel! It was p fun, the anime was amazing, and the karaoke was neato! 11/10 would watch again.

I also wanna talk about ancillary. So far I’ve been reading it with @melody and @timotree, but sadly Mel went to Australia so we couldn’t read Ancillary Mercy this week!Σ(ಥ_ಥ) (I was sick before she left so I couldn’t even say goodbye…)  I am eagerly waiting for her return though, since we can’t do it without her. (It just wouldn’t be the same….) (Spoilers ahead) Breq is an amazing character though, and man,,,, when she dropped the bomb at the end of Ancillary Sword that she wasn’t human! wOAH! Man,,,, what a series.

That’s all, Bye-bye!




(I’m really glad the website is letting me blog, last week I couldn’t due to the site not working. Not to mention all those other weeks where I just forgot to blog, which I am v sorry for.)


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