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We out here destroying our bodies with Monster.

Hello all.

This week was okay? I started dance class so that’s oof, because I’m not really good at dancing so I suck really bad. I love dancing, I just hate learning it since I’m a beginner at best. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get good at it over the semester.

I’ve been drinking Monster recently, so that’s cool. I don’t think it tastes that bad. Gotta get into the scenekid/grunge thing, ya know? I really enjoy soda in general. They taste so good, like fruity but fizzy. I hate seltzer water though, it’s just angry painful water. I don’t get why adults like seltzer water, it’s not good. Water is fine, fizzy juice and soda is fine, but not fizzy water.

This is an anti seltzer water blog, dni if you’re a seltzer addict.

Anyway, that’s all. Bye bye.♥

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