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When I Open My Mouth a Swarm of Bees Come Out Please Help.

Hello internet.

Today, the bees came again. The awful, awful bees. Whenever I open my mouth, no matter what, a swarm of bees fly out of it. I don’t have bees in my mouth, I never feel them when my mouth is closed. It’s as if a portal leading to a beehive appears when I open my mouth. I can’t talk to anyone, because when I open my mouth the bees come out and cause chaos. They just don’t stop, the longer I keep my mouth open the more bees come out. I never have a chance to even utter a word without my words being drowned out by the buzzing.

Last month, I opened my mouth in my favorite diner, and the bees came out and flew into the waitress’s face. I was later banned from the diner. I wish I could go back, but if they see me on the same block as the diner they chase me away with a broom. I can’t even scream, because, you know, The Bees.

Just this week, I visited my friend Debra, because I haven’t seen her since the bees hospitalized her wife. (Her wife was allergic.) When she opened the door for me, her face became pale and she quickly shut the door. I don’t understand why, was it something I didn’t say?

I’ve went to hospitals about the bees, but every time I try to tell them what’s wrong…well…bees. So I’ve been banned from many hospitals as well. I can’t even say hi to the doctors as I pass them on the street without them running away. Were they running away from me, or the swarm of bees chasing them? I don’t know.

I write this so anyone who has a similar problem, or a solution could help me. Maybe send me to a entomologist or a bee keeper that won’t run away.

-Signed, Bea. (Or B for short.)

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