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Hnngr mery holldyas

Hello all.

Today I’m here to talk about christmas and new years.

I personally don’t celebrate christmas as intensely anymore, I’ve lost respect for it after I’ve grown a bit and also we could end world hunger for a year if we used the money we spend on christmas from 1 year to feed the poor.  Same goes with new years, I just don’t really have an interest in it anymore. I pretty much only celebrate them at all for the presents I get. >:3 Though don’t let me discourage you from celebrating those holidays, they can be fun if you acknowledge that not everybody celebrates them and they might have a bad history behind it. It’s interesting to see that people get so upset that some people would prefer a “happy holidays” then a “MERRRY CHRISTMAS THINE CHILD OF JESUS!!!!”. It doesn’t matter, not everybody celebrates or believes the same thing as you. I just find it silly.

It’s also irritating how people start celebrating christmas months before hand, though maybe i shouldn’t talk since I started buying my halloween costume in September. But tbh christmas is too hype and spook is against the grain so be edgy and be spook until the end of time. Yeah I guess that’s it.

That’s all, bye bye.♥

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