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Hello all.

Today I did Japanese class. We were making different types of mochi for January, and they were both delicious. My favorite was the 1 where we had them soaked in red bean paste that’s been boiled, it was delicious.

Today I also played Splatoon 2. It was fun, but I gotta say that nintendo ending splatfests really bums me out. They’re so fun, and I’ve only ever participated in 1. Why can’t they just recycle splatfest ideas, instead of just ending it all together? My dudes, this really inks my squid. And not in the good way. The switch and Splatoon 2 have only been out for a couple years, it has so much more to give. And who KNOWS what Splatoon 3 will entail, and what wacky device it will be available on. This is just really sad tbh, wish they would give Splatoon 2 more running time without just moving on to the next game.

That’s all, I guess. Bye Bye.♥

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