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Hello all.

Lately I’ve been playing Splatoon 2, and I beat te main game’s final boss!!! I’m so happy, it feels good to complete it though the boss was very tough!!! I also bought the octo expansion, and boy are the levels SO FRIGGING HARD HIUHDIUHIGIG!!AAA!!!!! SIUhdfihdig blleasse,,,Yusuke Amano,,, Tsubasa Sakaguchi,,, Hisashi Nogami,,, I amm just a kidd I aam noot a prrofsionaal gmer!!!! I cnnot channge ths!! Whhy thh boss so h, hard, maann. Why octto expnsion so harr,d!! I amm oonli but a foool!!

Splatoon Squid Dividers by Rile-Reptile

Anyway it’s a really fun game and I enjoy it lots! It is available on the switch, and you don’t have to play the 1st game to enjoy Splatoon 2! I have not played the 1st game and I still enjoy it. It is I think $50-$60 and the octo expansion is $20! I know it’s very expensive but if you save up it’s really fun!! Just don’t spawn camp or squid bag, that’s really mean. 🙁

Splatoon Octarian Page Dividers by Rile-Reptile

That’s all, Bye Bye.♥

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