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General update.


Hello all.

Just a general update. Today I came to school late like around 11:00am because I slept in way too much.

I did Japanese class, we made udon noodles and it was super good.

Life at home has been a bit hectic, I’m trying to live life just 1 day a time. I don’t want to overthink about the things going on, I don’t think fueling my anxiety will do me good. But maybe ignoring it completely won’t do me good either. We’ll see. I wish I could live with my uncle, at least for what’s going on but I know that won’t happen. Despite everything, I’m doing alright. I hope this didn’t worry anyone.

Lately I’ve been getting intl Kero Kero Bonito and Mindless Self Indulgence. Very contradicting bands, I know but they’re both super cool. I recommend you check them out, though Mindless Self Indulgence has some slurs and isn’t the most appropriate.

That’s all, bye.

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