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Hello all.

Today Japanese was happening! We were making emojis like how emojis in kanji are made from the words! My favorite 1 I made was “ghost”.

Today I also played some pizza simulator in Roblox. I was a manger and I helped mediate some trouble the workers were having with a coworker. Hopefully solved their problem! I think I’m a good manager, I want to be kind to my employees!

I also just watched youtube and napped. Often I tend to nap everyday, I’m constantly tired. I wish I wasn’t so tired, I would probably get more out of my day. Oh well.

Things are still kinda rough, though I got an appointment to talk about a thing I wanted for a long time so I’m very excited!!! I’m doing okay, I just have to remind myself that bad things don’t last forever and that good things will be coming.

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