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Finally back from summer.

My summer was rather short, or at least it felt like it. It was alright, there wasn’t many notable things going on . I did have fun at my uncle’s, and I also clowned around with clown makeup/items. I even got some new clothes for the school year! To me, it’s not unimportant, but it was not notable. I definitely have some plans for the school year, which I am excited to work on!

I intend to focus this year on academic work, and finding other schools I might want to go to. It would be cool to challenge my artistic skill with projects that go outside my comfort zone, and to also focus on learning more practical/”book smart” skills like math, science, etc. Setting these goals will most likely help me in the long run (especially the math 1 since I suck at it).

Hopefully this school year as well, I will get a full fleshed out mental examination, since I am not the best at focusing and I might need some help figuring out if I have anything mentally that needs more attention than others. (–Aside from the anxiety/depression that I am already aware of.) I have higher expectations of this year than I have had in the past,. Maybe things will go as planned…..Maybe.

Also note! I have recently started Testosterone! I have only gotten 2 shots so far, but on September 16th I will get my 3rd shot. Rather exciting, to me at least. My voice has been breaking a bit, because of this. That is all! Thank you for tuning in, goodbye!

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