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?Hello. I am a clown.?

If you were not already aware by now, I am a clown. Though I do not completely follow all of The 8 Clown Commandments, I still consider, preform, and act like a clown. (For the most part.) My favorite clown activity is the makeup and outfit itself, which I indulge in the most. It is very fun to make a whole new clown look! Despite the reactions of some (which aren’t always positive), being a clown is 1 of my favorite things. I even have 15 porcelain clown dolls, which I consider to be my children. I also have a clown painting, and a clown figurine.  If you ever have anything clown esq that you no longer want, know that I would certainly enjoy them.

Here is some of my looks that I did all by myself! (He/they pronouns please.)





Of course, these are nowhere near perfect, since I have only been doing clown/jester makeup for a short time (a few months). Doing these looks give me so much joy, to be honest. I love being a clown! Even 1 of my favorite songs is the Circus Theme! I may be rather expressionless, but I love making people laugh. I love having fun, and this is true fun for me. Even if clowns, jesters, and mimes are scary to you, I hope you can some day enjoy them! They are an underappreciated class of design, costume and fun activity. I definitely hope to have more clown fun in the future, with my best buds being supportive. I hope you can be supportive, too.♥?

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