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Tu mama es gay

Oh man, this website is barely working at all. I’ll try to keep this brief, since the post
is barely functioning. Today I did Japanese! I made art pins with Japanese text
on them, it was really fun. I also tried out TF2 with James! I’ve never played before,
and it was very very fun. My favorite character to play is scout!

On other notes, I’ve already got 2 recent therapy sessions with my new therapist.
My previous 1 moved to another place, since she was an intern. This happens a lot,
I’ve had to switch therapists at least 4 times because of them being interns. Hope-
fully this won’t happen again with the new guy.

Things have been going well for me, I guess. Though my T appointment is soon,
and I’m trying to find the paper that said it’s date since I forgot. Very worrying.
Either way, I’ll probably find it soon.

That’s all.