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Hello. Lately I’ve been getting into a game called TF2 (Team Fortress 2).
It is a 1st person shooter multiplayer online game, where you play as characters
that fight against each other with each unique set of weapons. It’s unique
designs, and fun games make it very

I love the game so much, my favorite character is Scout. Scout is a skinny 27
yr old man from Boston, and plays as the offensive and speedy role to annoy
enemies. My 2nd favorite is Pyro, a masked mysterious pyromaniac who has a
mind similar to a child. He plays the offensive role of blowing intense flames
at his opponents. But those are only just a few of the characters, you can look
them up on your own if you want to know more about them!

The game was made in 2007, but is still popular to this day. It’s free, so I
highly suggest checking it out! Thank you for reading, bye.